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Services at Developmental Medico-Life-Sciences Research and Publications (SMC-Private) Limited

Find a Journal

  • Discover Your Platform: Utilize our Journal Finder tool to locate the perfect journal within our extensive network for publishing your medico-life sciences research.

Prepare Your Paper

  • Guidance on Publishing: Access detailed information on the publishing process, including author’s rights, ethics, plagiarism, and understanding journal and article metrics, to prepare your manuscript effectively.

Submit and Revise

  • Seamless Submission Process: Submit your manuscripts through our user-friendly online systems, specifically tailored for each journal. Follow the “submit your paper” links for streamlined submission and revision guidance.

Track Your Paper

  • Stay Updated: Monitor the status of your submitted manuscript online, using the reference number provided after submission to stay informed every step of the way.

Share and Promote

  • Amplify Your Research: Leverage our promotional tools and guidance to enhance the visibility and impact of your published work, helping you to achieve wider recognition and higher citation rates.

English Language Editing

  • Elevate Your Manuscript: Our English Language Editing service is here to help refine your writing to meet international publication standards, ensuring clarity and readability.

Manuscript Formatting

  • Align With Journal Requirements: Our Manuscript Formatting service guarantees that your paper adheres to the specific guidelines of your target journal, ensuring a smoother review process.

Publication Support Package

  • Comprehensive Pre-Submission Assistance: Opt for our Publication Support Package for an all-inclusive editing and preparation service before submission, enhancing your manuscript’s chances of acceptance.

Figure Formatting

  • Visual Excellence: Trust our graphic design team to revise and format your figures, ensuring they meet the technical specifications of your chosen journal.

Plagiarism Check

  • Ensure Originality: Our Plagiarism Check service scans your manuscript for any potential plagiarism, giving you peace of mind before submission.

By providing these structured services, Developmental Medico-Life-Sciences Research and Publications (SMC-Private) Limited aims to support researchers, scientists, and academics throughout the publication process, from manuscript preparation to post-publication promotion, ensuring their groundbreaking research reaches and impacts the global scientific community.